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N3WYRKLA: Jersey's Rising Star Expected to Conquer the Music World

N3WYRKLA is on track to be the next break out star from the tri-state area.

Photo by Chris Paul Thompson

In the ever-evolving landscape of R&B and pop music, new talents emerge, capturing our hearts with their raw emotion and unique sounds. One such artist making waves is N3WYRKLA, hailing from Pennsauken, NJ, a suburb nestled just outside the historic city of Philadelphia. With a name that’s already starting to buzz, N3WYRKLA is a name you’ll want to remember.

N3WYRKLA’s story is deeply rooted in a family of artists. Her father, the beloved Gillie , is a staple in the hip-hop community known for his early music career and hit show Million Dollaz Worth of Game. Her late brother Cheese, was a promising artist in his own right, which adds to their decorated family liniage and another layer to her narrative.

The young artist’s big break came when she was featured on Brent Faiyaz's globally recognized single "Outside." This collaboration propelled her into the spotlight, showcasing her ability to blend seamlessly into the mainstream while retaining her unique voice. This track was the perfect introduction to N3WYRKLA’s potential, setting the stage for her debut project.

In February, N3WYRKLA released her much-anticipated EP, it's not you, it's me .This collection of songs is a moody, emotional journey through heartbreak and personal growth. The EP captures the essence of young love and the painful yet cathartic process of moving on. It features standout songs "dumb with you", "don't hit me no more", and "not enough" ft. Brent Faiyaz.

“dumb with you”is a track that delves into the complexities of trying to get over a past lover. N3WYRKLA bares her soul, sharing the mistakes and regrets that come with a tumultuous relationship. “don’t hit no more”, a declaration of emotional independence, this song is about moving past a toxic situation. The clever play on the phrase "don't hit no more" speaks to both the lack of emotional impact and the physical distance she’s put between herself and her past.

“not enough” featuring her second collaboration with Brent Faiyaz, this track is a standout and is a testament to her undeniable talent and.

N3WYRKLA’s rise is supported by MDWOG Entertainment, the brainchild of her father Gillie and his cousin Wallo267. With talent that clearly seperates her from her peers along with the backing of Million Dollaz Worth of Game, she has a powerful platform to amplify her voice and reach new heights in the industry. The support from this major family led entity not only gives her a solid foundation but also ensures that her music reaches a wider audience.

With her ability to navigate the realms of R&B, alternative, and pop music, N3WYRKLA is poised to become a defining voice of her generation. As she continues to evolve and hone her craft, there’s no doubt that N3WYRKLA will soon be a household name.


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