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Franky Hill Announces New Project "SUUN" Dropping June 11th: A Jersey Celebration

Franky Hill, the lyrical maestro who’s been repping Jersey with relentless passion, just announced the release of his new project, "SUUN," set to drop on June 11th. For fans who have been eagerly waiting since his 2020 "Self" EP, this is the moment we've all been waiting for.

After captivating us with raw emotion and intricate wordplay on "Self," Franky Hill has been on a steady rise, carving out his unique space in the hip hop landscape. Now, with "SUUN," he’s ready to elevate the game once more. The project is poised to be a sonic journey, reflecting Franky's growth and the deep-rooted stories of his life and environment.

"SUUN" boasts an impressive lineup of producers, including Kam Dela, Kenif Muse, and Soulo. Each of these beatmakers brings their signature sound, promising a diverse yet cohesive auditory experience. Fans can expect nothing less than a collection of tracks that blend sharp lyricism with head-nodding beats, true to Franky’s style.

The anticipation is palpable not just in Jersey but across the entire hip hop community. Franky Hill’s return is more than just another release; it's a cultural moment for those who have been following his journey and for new listeners ready to dive into his world.

Mark your calendars, June 11th is the day "SUUN" drops, and it's set to be an unforgettable milestone in hip hop this year. Stay tuned for more updates, and get ready to vibe out with Franky Hill’s latest masterpiece. Jersey, stand up! This one’s for you.


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