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SZA is Helping Fight for Climate Change

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

In a Billboard article I read, SZA announced that she is in partnership with American Forests, a non-profit organization, to curate Tree Corps. Tree Corps is a “paid local workforce that will help fight for climate justice within those affected areas.” SZA's alliance with TAZO Tree Corps is meant to ensure a sustainable and encouraging future by planting trees and providing regular maintenance to fight the climate injustices in Black and Brown communities. Not only that, but the opportunity will also create local jobs.

SZA states to billboard, "When they told me that they would be working with actual communities affected by environmental racism and were adding jobs and not just trees, it really had little to do with tea at all... It's like -- I drink this, obviously, but I connect to all these points energetically. It was just an honor to be asked to be involved."

When Billboard asked her why the fight for climate change in Black and Brown communities was such an underdiscussed topic, she said that, “[She] lived in Carson, CA with TDE for like four years -- maybe five -- but when you drive through Torrance, that's all South Bay. So, you're heading to Long Beach and all you see is factory, factory, factory. All the trees on those streets are dead. But these are all Black and Brown areas. And [She’s] not from L.A. -- so for [her] to move to this place, [she thought that], ‘This is weird. All these trees are dead.’” She went on to acknowledge the people she knew who worked in factories and noticed that they would become really ill. She ends her reply explaining that “even in New Jersey, [there's no] tree experience. There's no exposure. [She] thinks that people sleep on how that affects your mental health, and the subtleties [impacted] in the essence of being a human being. It's kind of sad as hell.”

SZA herself says that throughout the pandemic she went in nature a lot to relieve stress and “[needs] to be outside amongst trees.” She’s truly passionate about nature and the mental health of others.


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