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Demi Lovato to Release New Docuseries: Dancing with the Devil

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

As many people know, Demi Lovato for years has struggled with addiction and has been trying to better herself. In 2018, she actually experienced an overdose that almost killed her and today she has decided to share that story, the full story.

On March 23rd her docuseries will premiere featuring her friends, family, and herself, explaining what she has been through before and after her overdose. She wants to be super transparent to her fans and the world as a whole. In the trailer released she admits that when she overdosed, she had 3 strokes and a heart attack as doctors tried to keep her alive. Since then, she also mentions that it has caused brain damage that continues to affect her everyday life. It’s also said that she couldn’t see anything in the first few months after recovering, that she still can’t drive because she still has some blind spots. Some special appearances in the doc include Christina Aguilera and Sir Elton John who stated, “When you're young and you're famous, my god, it's tough."

The docuseries is not only going to be transparent, but probably heart wrenching when hearing of the trauma Demi had to face throughout the whole situation. You can catch the docuseries on YouTube on March 23rd and the trailer here.


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