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Mötley Crüe celebrates 40th Anniversary

In honor of their 40-year anniversary Mötley Crüe released a special birthday message for their fans. Seen here, the video features vintage clips of each member with the song “Happy Birthday” being played on an electric guitar in the background. It also goes back and forth to a video of a cake burning up and ends with words appearing saying one by one, “Happy Birthday to Crüe.” The band made a statement stating:

It’s always been about great songs and over-the-top live shows for us. The fans were always right by our side. I don't know where all of the years went. It went by in a flash. What I can’t forget, are the 4 decades of fans who have counted themselves as CRÜEHEADS from day one, supporting us through thick and thin. To them we are in debt and thank you from the bottom of our hearts,”

They were supposed to go on a reunion tour in 2020, but due to COVID-19 they had to postpone. Fans are hoping that they’ll be able to do it soon, they truly put on a great show. The band is best known in music history as one of the best and first metal bands of the 80’s, they brought on fear in parents with their dark exterior. The band became rapidly successful in the United States after playing at the US Festival in May 1983, and also helped MTV create a new medium.

If you want to hear more about their history you can find the film adaptation of their biography “The Dirt,” on Netflix.

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