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Does Hayley Williams Have A New Solo Album On the Way?

Hayley Williams recently posted a video on Instagram and has since deleted it stating, “See I don’t need drums if this is my folklore,” which had fans going crazy in the comments because it rose suspicion that she will be releasing a new solo album. Earlier in 2020 Hayley released her first debut solo album “Petals for Armor,” while Taylor Swift also released a surprise album called “Folklore” and later in the year a second continuation album called “Evermore.” It was rumored that afterwards Hayley was going to begin releasing music with Paramore again, but with the release of this video (an Instagram carousal of her playing drums then making that statement) fans are now buzzing that she will release yet another solo album.

“Petals for Armor,” is Hayley’s first ever solo album and was mainly created as a way for her to truly find herself mentally. She had gone through a dramatic divorce from her ex-husban, Chad Gilbert, and showed her emotions about it already in Paramore’s last album “After Laughter.” However, “Petals for Armor,” came about after Hayley went through a form of therapy called EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) therapy, and a lot of self-actualization. It released first as a 3 song EP, but it was followed by a 15-song album. Some of the most memorable songs are “Simmer,” “Cinnamon,” “Sudden Desire,” and “Dead Horse.” In an interview with Rose Riddell for Coup de Main magazine, Hayley states, “once you accept responsibility for the things that you struggle with, you’ve got to keep that in check and understand that it’s a marathon, not a sprint.” The album is about self-reflection, going through the brunt of life and coming out of it safe and sound. It’s truly a journey within the mind of Hayley Williams and I wholeheartedly recommend it and I am hoping for a new album from either her or all of Paramore soon.

Petals for Armor


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