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7Latenights Took Advantage Of 2020 With The Release Of "7Latenights" (Deluxe)

The next generation of artists are quickly rising and not letting the disaster known as “2020” derail their plans. The new year for many was riddled with pain and disappointment following the death of several key individuals in history as well as the beginning of the major pandemic known as Covid-19. Most did not know what to focus on as the first few months had been littered with chaos but others had realigned and used the pandemic as a boost to perfect their craft. Just a few artist to quote that have hit the scene or are making a return to the entertainment industry are CMB Raww, Charlie Heat, and one that is looking to take over the east coast, 7LateNights. Emerging in 2020, 7Latenights has been making hits since being introduced by the 1012 collective. In the beginning of 2020 7LateNights, released his first experimental project titled “Do Better”. After the release of his experimental project, 7Latenights did not slow down following up with the release of his self-titled project “7LateNights”. The lead single, “Overtime”, on the project garnered over 100 thousand streams. Several months later the project has now eclipsed over 200 thousand streams on various streaming platforms. Today he released the deluxe version of his self-titled project, and the potential to grow is there. The deluxe version of his project offers several new songs that add to the ambiance of the late-night vibe.

Not only does this version offer several new songs but the track list is altered to develop the mood of the album even more. Through the use of trap beats and samples used from other songs his sound reminds you of old school Drake and Bryson Tiller. The vibe of the album appears to be a love letter to the one that stole his heart but as you listen closer you see that is not the case. As the album progresses, we see a deeper side of 7Latenights on his songs “Love tension” and “You”. In the song “Love Tension”, you hear the pain in his voice as his raps about the inability to express the want and need to be with that one person. Then in the song “You”, 7Latenights provides the vocals as he discusses the future with that one person. Offering the idea that when you find the one you are giving them all of your love. On this deluxe project we see 7Latenights taking a risk to show that he is not here just for the moment, but rather here to take the music industry by storm. With 2021 quickly approaching we look forward new music from 7LateNights as he continues to evolve his sound to a standard where it is truly his own and without comparison.

Listen to 7latenights self titled project "7latenights" (Deluxe) Below.


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