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All-Star or Bust? Is Paul George Worth The Money?

It is safe to say that Paul George has made some money moves in the off-season. The six-time All-Star has signed a maximum contract extension with the LA Clippers that is said to be worth as much as $226 Million over the next 5 years. This extension was tied into the four-year $137 Million deal that he made with the Thunder back in 2018. This means that he will create himself a $290 Million seven-year massive deal for the Clippers.

Is this something that he can live up to at 30 years old going into a massive season if he is going to dress to impress with the kind of contract that he was able to attain. This could be an eye opener and we could see the OG, Pacers Paul George that created this All-Star persona, or could he possibly have another bust year such as last year. He feels like he might owe it to the Clippers to bring home a championship but whether he is willing to follow through with that statement will be what we will have to watch this coming up season. With weapons like Kawhi Leonard and Patrick Beverly, the Clippers are definitely not a force to be reckoned with and will be exciting to watch in this upcoming regular season that is starting on December 22, 2020.

Do you think Paul George will live up to the hype or do you think he is an all-star of the past?


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