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Lilspirit Is A Pop Star You Should Be Listening To

When you first hear the name lilspirit then seen the obnoxious blue hair to match his blue eyes one would think immediately think this kid was a punk rockstar. It is not until you hear him sing on record like "drop top bitch" and "never coming home", from his debut project American Spirit, that you realize he has the potential to be the next big pop star. This project symbolized that this young artist and made others realize that he could reach Justin Bieber like popularity.

Rewind back to his Soundcloud days, where he first gained traction from his single "ugly", it was evident that the star power in his voice was there and that it was only a matter of time before a big label would come swoop him up and present him to the world. The thing is that isn't how the story went for lilspirit. He explained in a May interview with Office Magazine that he entered a terrible music deal that almost made him not want to pursue music as passionately.

After getting out of that deal he changed his image to the one fans see now and began another push in the music industry as an independent artist. Before he knew it rising music label Internet Money came calling and it was a good enough match for him to sign to them. Now we are here with his first project American Spirit that I believe should have more people talking about it, but it's only a matter of time in reality. His story and rise to where he is now should make music lovers want to root for this kid.

Stream American Spirit Below.


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