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10 Artist You Should Get To Know During Quarantine

While being confined to our homes for these past few months we have been creating different ways to make sure our creativity does not stop. Our team decided to listen to a large number of artists that we have discovered ourselves or that have been referred to us by the Faces of the Future community. As we revisited a variety of different music we put together a list of 10 artists that we think you all should take notice to. Their quality, consistency, and ability to stand out were all part of the reasons we enjoyed their music. The list is in no specific order.


This duo has taken the R&B genre and made an immediate impact. They have released two projects so far. The Juice, Vol. I, that features songs such as "Motion" and "Personal", set the bar high for this tandem. That standard was met as their second project, The Juice, Vol. II did not disappoint. Songs like "Sundays", that was featured on our Faces of the Future Playlist, reminded listeners that this Los Angeles based group is here to stay.


This South Jersey native continues to build his buzz in the Tri-state area. His debut project titled User was a refreshing voice to hear in the hip-hop space. He followed up a more than impressive debut project with singles like Better Than I Look, and Same Ol', that have his fans ready for his next EP that is set to drop May 17th, 2020.


The north continues to produce talented artists. This soulful singer first came on to our radar with her single Some Kinda Love, and we've been watching her growth ever since. She recently released her EP titled JOYR!DE that introduced us to her roots.


Salem, New Jersey has two emerging stars when it comes to this duo. They started off dropping singles like Slide and Demons that were accompanied by two music videos that have surpassed 100k views each. Since then they haven't looked back by following that same method which has allowed them to grow a following that is eager for what's next.

5. June

She is another artist whose voice stands out from the rest. This Brazil native is a Pop star in the making. She recently released Summer Day featuring Franky Hill, which elevated both artists respectively. June has two projects titled Something Unreal and Diz that you all should take a listen to.


In 2018 he dropped two projects titled TwoFr and Hurt put the music industry on alert. His ability to pour his emotions of past relationships grew his buzz in the Los Angeles area. Obtaining features from YG on the remix of his song Righ Wit It let us know he's next in line to take the industry by storm.


With her timeless vocals and honest music it is evident that Aria is a musician that is a reminder the R&B music is in fact alive and well. Her EP Familiar Stranger released this year and we are excited to see how her career continues to elevate.


The Freehold, NJ has been one of the most consistent artists when it comes to keeping his fan base happy. He has a large body of work out already and his hard work is beginning to pay off. in 2019 he released his first album titled Luxury. Since then he has released an EP titled Fortunate and expected to be releasing new music in the coming months.


The Dutch singer broke onto the scene with her debut single titled You, which was tabbed as the fastest single to reach the top of the R&B charts. In 2019, she released her debut album titled Kairos on Roc Nation.


Alabama's own and C.E.O. of TRUCKLOAD Empire has found his way in the music industry. Songs like Check Dis, Freestyle, and All The Money have received over a million views each. This success led him to sign with 300 Entertainment and he recently dropped his latest project titled Self Conscious.

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