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The Wild West

Updated: May 11, 2020

Rob Cart/Getty Images

Last night Kawhi Leonard agreed to sign with Los Angeles Clippers. This decision was long awaited after his recent NBA title run with the Toronto Raptors. Fans across the NBA were eager to see where the superstar would land. Many believed he would end up in Los Angeles, but no one knew if he was going to team up with Lebron or start a rivalry for the ages. Once the decision was made the internet went crazy. On top of that fans found out he would be teaming up with NBA star Paul George.

With Lebron teaming up with Anthony Davis and Kawhi teamed up with Paul George, Los angeles has now become the focal point of the league. Paul George has to recover from shoulder surgery but when he becomes healthy the Clippers become an instant title contender.

Leonard met with the Raptors, Lakers, and Clippers before making his final decision. With the star studded line ups in L.A. and Golden State scrambling to keep their roster in tact, who will be the top contender in the Western Conference?


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