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The URBANE Effect

Updated: May 11, 2020

Photo via (Myles Matthews/NBT)

Saturday's at the mall are usually meant for shoppers to come find the newest designer pieces to rock later that night when they hit the scene. July 6th was different, as emerging designer Charles Jay brought the scene to the mall. Charles pioneered something unlike anything else the South Jersey area has scene before. He teamed up with "You Know The Vibes" to bring URBANE's pop up shop event to the Cherry Hill Mall.

The vibe was set from the moment you walked in. Models were on display as URBANE unveiled their latest sets, that are expected to drop this week. As you walked through the shop cameras were flashing as the DJ spun the latest music, people danced, and an influx of people instantly stopped to see what the buzz was about. The energy you felt throughout the day was like no other, and it was a direct result of the hard work and effort Charles Jay puts into his craft.

Photo via (Myles Matthews/NBT)

On the outside looking in many might have wondered why and who would throw such an event. If you were exposed to the URBANE brand for the first time on Saturday you may not have been able to point out who the genius behind the movement was. As you paid close attention to the energy in the room you could physically see the designer himself was not eager for attention, but instead the attention naturally found him at different times. This event was the prime example of moment where the saying " if you're good you tell people about yourself, but if you're great people will tell you about yourself."

The URBANE brand is something South Jersey natives have watched grow from a local brand, into a brand that has become nationally recognized as a premiere brand of choice. The proof is in the details and creativity that are displayed on a consistent basis. We are eager to see how long it takes before URBANE is considered the next big thing, and how much longer it will be before Charles Jay is recognized as one of the faces of the future.


Photo via (Myles Matthews/NBT)

Photo via (Myles Matthews/NBT)


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