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The New Age Athlete

Rashan Gary was a standout football player from New Jersey, and recently was drafted 12th overall by the Green Bay Packers after a standout career at Michigan. While Rashan was building notoriety on the football grid iron he was also starting to put in motion an idea he had once he stepped foot on Michigan’s campus. This idea was to create his very own sports agency to represent himself and other future professional athletes. This goal of his was finally jump started after this past weekends draft. He told the Associated Press in a recent interview, “It’s going to change the game… Now players know the power they have.”

Now instead of an agent getting a percentage of his contract, the certified agent who helps him negotiate his football contract will be serving as an employee of Rashan Gary Sports. Gary did not stop there as he announced before the draft would be giving the role of President in his agency to his mother. Gary was not the only athlete who was signed to this next generation sports agency. Montre Gregory took belief to what Rashan’s company was about, and it paid off since he was picked up by the Kansas City Chiefs this past weekend.

With things forever changing in the industries around us, Rashan Gary has definitely started a positive trend. Owning the rights to your future and showing other athletes their power is definitely a movement that other will get behind. Rashan Gary Sports is the next big thing in sports and now has shined a brighter light on the power athletes truly have. #NextBigThing


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