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The Faces of the Future Podcast Latest Episodes Spark Much Needed Conversation Within the Community

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

The recent events happening in the United States of America has caused a lot of pain and anger in the black community. NBT's Faces of the Future Podcast wrapped up season 3 with much-needed dialogue. They led off with episode 28, which has been labeled by a lot of listeners as their best episode to date. In this episode, they echoed frustrations and detailed what it is like being black men in America.

They followed up with episode 29, titled "Read the Room", which became a conversation about the division that always seems to happen when there is a bigger issue at hand. This conversation arose after superstar rapper J.Cole got into a public conversation with activist/musician Noname via twitter. This exchange between the two trickled down into a debate between black men and black women about who does more for the community, and also led to everyone wanting to hold celebrities accountable for not using their platform.

Finally, the guys closed out the season on somewhat of a high note as they celebrated one of the top players in high-school sports committing to an HBCU. This was a milestone in their eyes as they have been advocates for HBCU's receiving more funding and notoriety. The conversation continued as they detailed their thoughts about how a lot of parents do not know who their kids emotionally, Maya Moore's impact on prison reform, plus more.

To listen to all the episodes of the faces of the future podcast click the link below:


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