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The Artist Who Keeps On Giving

NateTaylorr gives his fans new music in back to back weeks.

In today's climate of music, if you're trying to break through as an artist you have to be relevant. There is so much music being published that if you're an emerging artist you have to find a way to stick out from the rest. Many people believe the two ways to stand out are to either put out quality content where audiences have no choice but to appreciate you, or you can push out a mass amount of content where audiences have no choice but to notice you since you're always producing. NateTaylorr's approach to this whole thing is a combination of both.

The last time we caught up with NateTaylorr he was gearing up to make a push as he believes his sound will be one that resonates with a lot of people throughout this next decade. His ability to push out quality music at such a consistent rate has allowed him to hold the attention of his fans while grabbing the attention of new listeners. Last week he dropped a new single titled The Chase featuring producer ChaseTheMoney. He would follow the single up by dropping the music video just days later and would see the view count surpass 6,000 in no time.

The release of this song and video in back to back weeks was only grabbing our attention for the drop of what NateTaylorr says is his best song ever. The New Jersey native announced he will be dropping a new single called "Damaged", which is set to release tomorrow May 28th. He took to Instagram yesterday and said "I can't wait to share this moment with all of you and I can't wait to share history with y'all". Will this song be the one to put NateTaylorr on a new level? Will it separate him from the rest of the pack? Well that is something for the listeners to decide, and we will all get the opportunity to do so together. Ultimately time will determine if his music stood the test. Until then enjoy the lengthy discography he's already shared with the world.

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