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NateTaylorr Gears Up To Solidify His Sound In The New Decade

Written by | Myles Matthews

As we enter a new decade, it will be exciting to see which new artists emerge, as music lovers are eager to see who will take ownership of this decade that is before us in the music industry. What we have seen from the beginning of the 2010's all the way to now, as we enter the 2020's, is the frequency in which music is being pushed out. Like never before we are seeing music being produced and received at a rate that is unusual, but has now become the norm. A familiar face to the NBT platform is set to release yet another project and he believes this one will raise his brand to heights that he can only dream of.

NateTaylorr has a new project titled "FORTUNATE", that is set to drop tomorrow at midnight. This specific project is special to him in a unique way that his previous projects were not. He told us that he challenged himself on all levels of creativity in the belief that his value and product will separate him from the rest of his class. When asked about how this creative process differed from previous processes he told us, "My fans should be eager to listen to this project because there is a side of me that I have not unveiled before, "Fortunate" will showcase my artistic talent of songwriting, vocals, and ear to production."

With this new release, he is excited for his fans to tap into his personal life and he believes that with his growth as an artist that this combination will make his sound the sound of the decade. He was so passionate about this thought that he went into detail by saying, "My music will be the sound of this decade. My sound is a mixture of alternative R&B and Hip-Hop. It is important to me as an artist that my sound remains true to who I am to keep my music authentic."

The New Jersey native has been gaining traction from many different regions throughout the country. After this release, he plans on making appearances in a few major cities including Chicago and Los Angeles where his fan base continues to expand. The wait is over and NateTaylorr is geared to make his mark as the door is wide open for new faces to emerge as staples in a forever evolving industry. Stream "FORTUNATE" on all major platforms on January 10, 2020.

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