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More Football!

Brand new football league, Alliance of American Football has begun play. Founded by film producer and director Charlie Ebersol and Super Bowl Champion and Hall of Famer Bill Polian the leagues goal is to be a supplement to the NFL and help develop players on and off the field.

The league consists of 8 teams Arizona, Atlanta, Birmingham, Memphis, Orlando, Salt Lake, San Antonio, and San Diego. The season will be 10 weeks long from February to April with the playoffs to be announced at a later date.

Each teams is made up of 52 players consisting of former NFL players, former Division I, II and III players. Each player has signed a 3 year GUARANTEED contract work $250,000. In addition to the guaranteed contracts there is also and internship program offered to players and a stipend for secondary education if they finish one season in the league. There are some rule changes. There are no kickoffs all possessions start at the 25 yard line, no point after attempts all teams must go for 2 just to name a few. The games can be watched on CBS, CBS Sports Network, NFL Network, TNT and B-R Live. Some notable players in the league are Trent Richardson, Christian Hackenberg, Denard Robinson, Scooby Wright, Josh Huff, Bishop Sankey, Aaron Murray and Matt Asiata. The League has so far had a very successful opening weekend, can’t wait to see what’s in store for this league in the future! Written by Shannon Jarrell #NextBigThing #AAF


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