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Melo Muller Drops Debut Mixtape

Houston, Texas has another artist that is starting to make a name for himself. Melo Muller is a hip-hop artist whose name is starting to ring throughout the city. He came on everyone's radar when he was featured on Laray Da Savage's Sorry I Wasn't Taught project in 2019. Now the time has come and he recently dropped his mixtape titled The Bachelor.

After we took a listen to this mixtape for the first time it was evident that Melo is an artist that will continue to grow. This project details the lifestyle of a kid maneuvering his way through his city on in route to stardom. Asked what his inspiration behind this mixtape and he told NBT, "I'm inspired by my environment, I just want to make it out the ghetto."

Living in a city that has a rich history in music it can be hard to stand out and separate yourself from everyone else trying to make it out. Melo has the storytelling ability to match the sound of today which will allow him to see success. As far as obtaining sustained success he said, "You have to make quality music, work hard on your craft and keep trying new things."

The Bachelor is now streaming on all major platforms.


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