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Meet Kyle Jacobus, The Host of the Party

Updated: May 11, 2020

Written By| Myles Matthews

Within the Faces of the Future community, we are always looking for creators that are unique and stand alone in their niche of creative ability.  While we attended “The Waiting Room”, a well-known event for creators in the tri-state area, Kyle Jacobus was an individual who we had the chance to speak with. Kyle is a twenty-one-year-old singer/songwriter from Glassboro, New Jersey.  He was on stage performing with a friend of NBT, Ugly Stephen, so we had to find out what he did.

Since the age of five, Kyle has been writing songs but never recorded any music until last year. Like most musicians, music has been apart of Kyle’s lifestyle for as long as he can remember. Whether it was music or theatre, he knew early on that this industry was one that he wanted to be in. The influence of theatre was so big that he attended a performing arts school and now has transitioned into a Theatre major at Rowan University. His ability to express himself through art allowed him to be very confident when it came time to create his first project.

Kyle Jacobus’ debut project Host, was centered around the ideas of substance abuse, party culture, and loneliness. All of these feelings are feelings that many college students can relate to on a daily basis. When we asked him about the main objective of this project he told NBT, “Sharing my music is, of course, the main goal but the messages I’m trying to convey is so much more important to me. The entire album centers on loneliness and the idea of being alone and feeling alone. Loneliness can be a heavy burden and I don’t think anyone should ever have to feel like they don't have anyone that they can turn to. I want to create a sense of community with this music.”

With motivation from potentially having multiple live shows funded by his university along with creating art that his peers could relate to, Kyle knew he had to put his best work out to date. He and his producer, Mike Parisi, would work diligently to ensure this was something people would be talking about.

On November 19th, 2020, Host was finally released. We were interested in how Kyle felt to finally put a finished project out, so we asked about the responses he received from his peers. Kyle told NBT, “ I’ve had an overwhelming amount of support coming my way since I released it. People have been reaching out to have a part in my work and that’s just a gratifying and validating feeling.”

The positive reactions from the people around him ultimately influenced his university to fund the production of his debut performances. There will be multiple showings of Kyle’s debut production “Host of the Party”, starts on April 17th and the last showing will be April 19th. All showings will be at Rowan University and is something you don’t want to miss.

*Show Times

Friday, April 17th @ 8 pm

Saturday, April 18th @ 2 pm and 8 pm

Sunday, April 19th @ 2 pm

Rowan University’s Lab Theatre

Bruce Hall, Room 159

Glassboro, NJ 08028

Follow Kyle on Instagram @KyleJacobus

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