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Jaden Smith Opens Restaurant For The Homeless

Jaden Smith has always been someone who has helped those in need, from his company JUST water that partnered with a church in Flint, Michigan to help aid those without clean water, to donating 10,000 cartons of it to local schools. Jaden has shown his efforts in using his financial privilege to create resources for those less fortunate. Most recently, in 2019 he created a food truck called the “I Love You” restaurant, where he provides free vegan meals to those living on skid row. Skid row has the highest population of homeless people in the United States and the food truck was featured amongst others in the Skid Row Carnival of Love. Since providing the food truck for the past two years, now Jaden plans on opening up a physical restaurant for everyone. The homeless don’t have to pay, but if you’re not homeless not only do you have to pay, but you have to pay it forward for the person after you. This truly gives an opportunity for well-off individuals to help feed the homeless by buying from Jaden's restaurant.

The location and menu has yet to be announced, but Jaden’s initiative is certainly a game changer. This could potentially open up opportunities in other states where the homeless population is high. The next thing we need to achieve is free housing, especially in the winter when they are forced to stay on the streets. We’ll see what Jaden thinks of next, but I’m looking forward to the updates on this current endeavor.


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