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Grammy Nominated Musician Charlie Heat Introduces New Artist FIFTEENAFTER With "Before I Die" Single

6-time Grammy nominated and multi-platinum musician Charlie Heat released his first single in in awhile. This release served as an introduction to Heat's newest addition to his label, The House of 99, artist FIFTEENAFTER. The House of 99 is compiled of a team of some the best up and coming producers the industry has to offer. Now, while everyone is at home consuming more music than ever, they couldn't have picked a better time to introduce their teams newest asset.

The combination of Charlie Heat's world renown sound mixed with the unfamiliar, yet impressive vocals of FIFTEENAFTER leaves listeners hitting repeat every time. "Before I Die" is song that illustrates the mind of an artist giving up his past life to pursue his career in music, but insists he won't hesitate to go back to his old ways if music doesn't workout. He list a series of accomplishments that he must reach en route to success and if he doesn't reach them it would have been for nothing. The uptempo song with the anchored by quality production will be one that will catch even more when things start to open back up.

Stream "Before I Die" by clicking here.


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