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Franky Hill Releases His First Project of the New Decade

Last Saturday rising star Franky Hill announced the release of his first project of the new decade titled "Self". He revealed that this project was going to be a five-track EP, that features his two singles "Same Ol' " and "Better Than I Look". Franky invited his long time friends and listeners to an IG live release party that matched the positive energy that his fan base has grown to love.

"Self" is a project that embodies everything Franky Hill is in the music space. The intro song "High" brings you into a place of reflection and a sense of understanding of a young artist battling with the influences and pressures that our world has to offer. Throughout the entire project, he shows his pen can excel no matter the beat he is tasked to conquer. This EP amplifies why we listed him on our 10 Artists You Should Get To Know list.

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