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FIFTEENAFTER Emerges as the Fresh Voice in R&B with Debut EP 'Call Me Back'


As the seasons change music enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the perfect soundtracks to accompany the evolving ambiance. Enter FIFTEENAFTER, a rising R&B artist hailing from the vibrant city of Philadelphia. With his debut EP, 'Call Me Back,' he has made a profound mark on the music scene, offering a unique twist on R&B that's impossible to ignore.

Having had the pleasure of reviewing and listening to 'Call Me Back,' it's safe to say that FIFTEENAFTER is a name that will soon be familiar to everyone. This six-track project demonstrates his ability to craft soulful, introspective, and captivating music that's ideal for the season that's rapidly approaching.

What sets FIFTEENAFTER apart is not just his extraordinary talent but also the remarkable journey that led him to this point. The artist's story is one of dedication and serendipity, as he was discovered by none other than Grammy-nominated producer Charlie Heat while serving in the military.

FIFTEENAFTER's musical journey began in 2020 when he released his first single, 'Before I Die,' in collaboration with Charlie Heat. This initial release hinted at the artist's potential, showcasing a blend of emotive lyrics and smooth melodies. Behind the scenes, FIFTEENAFTER was also honing his craft as a songwriter, making waves in the industry by crafting songs for others. Now, it's his moment to shine as the spotlight turns toward him.

'Call Me Back' is a testament to FIFTEENAFTER's artistic growth and prowess. The EP encompasses a range of emotions, weaving a compelling narrative through its six tracks. Standout songs like 'Know For Myself,' 'Roll Back' featuring Che Ecru, and 'Heaven' showcase the artist's ability to convey vulnerability and introspection through his music. These tracks are bound to resonate deeply with listeners, leaving a lasting impression.

FIFTEENAFTER's music is a fresh take on R&B, infusing the genre with his unique perspective and experiences. His smooth vocals and evocative lyrics are a breath of fresh air in an industry that often relies on formulaic sounds. With 'Call Me Back,' FIFTEENAFTER has carved out his own niche in the R&B landscape, offering something fresh.

It's not just his music that's impressive; it's also his potential to become a household name, both on the stage and behind the scenes as a songwriter. FIFTEENAFTER's multifaceted talents are a testament to his versatility as an artist and his potential to shape the future of R&B.


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