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Episode 44 Of The Faces of the Future Podcast Titled "Heaven On Earth" Is Now Available

In this episode, the guys are back with interesting discussions. They start the podcast by talking about Dr. Umar's statements about gentrification in the inner city and his remarks about the church and how it sells hope to the masses. Next, they went into a discussion about whether a woman should inform their significant other if they are getting an abortion or not, and if they didn't tell them should their partner have the right to be mad if they didn't find out until after. They give Lavar Ball is flowers and finally, Shann lets out his feelings about the Eagles. Faces of the Future Song of the Day: Br3z - Stay Gone Faces of the Future Song of the Day: Savannah Rè - Where You Are Follow us: @mansamus._ @shannjo81 @nbtmillz @facesofthefuturepod @nbt_theonepercent

Click Here to listen.


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