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Episode 42 "Lie To Me" Is Now Available

In this episode the guys are back with an interview with up and coming artist FIFTEENAFTER. They discuss his debut release with Grammy Nominated producer Charlie Heat and what this means for his future. Next they take a deep dive into if you should stay in toxic relationships because of your kids, whether you should lie to your significant other to keep them happy, and if being too emotional in relationships is a bad thing.

As you listen to the latest episode of the podcast tell us your take on relationships and if you believe your partner should lie to you to keep you happy. Do you believe that you should sacrifice your happiness within a relationship to keep your family together? Or do you believe that if you aren't happy you should get up and leave despite the family dynamic?

Faces of the Future Song of the day: Charlie Heat Ft. FIFTEENAFTER - "Before I Die"


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