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Cool Cam Releases Visuals For His Single "Chanel"

North Plainfield native Cam Guevera, better known by his stage name "Cool Cam" just released visuals to his single titled "Chanel". He is a new artist that takes an emo route to bring out the importance of the lyrics in his music. The concept of "Chanel" was originally created as a metaphor he used to express to others that he was willing to any and everything for them.

Cam's video has already surpassed more than 4,000 views on youtube. He made sure that the video matched the aesthetics of the lyrics in the music portrayed. When you watch the video it will be clear what the mood is from the moment you press play. From the makeup, the lighting, and attire you realize he isn't what we are used to seeing. He plans to continue to drop music videos to make sure the message in his music felt.

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