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Chris Cox and Facebook Split

Chris Cox, Facebook’s top product executive is stepping down in the midst of the company’s privacy controversy. CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this just a day after the Facebook and Instagram system malfunction. Cox was with the company for 13 years, and was one of Facebook’s original engineers when it was called “ The Facebook “. What does this mean for Facebook going forward? Well now the likely successor of Mark Zuckerberg is now out of the picture. Zuckerberg stated in a blog post that Cox had planned to exit the company prior to this decision. Along with the loss of Chris Cox, the head of WhatsApp Chris Daniels also left the company. The departures of these two men have led to the promotion of Fidji Simo to the head of Facebook and Will Cathcart to head WhatsApp. Other than the blog post and statements by both parties we were presented with the information that Cox got an 8-K disclosure which has everyone wondering what really went down at the Facebook headquarters. #NextBigThing #Business #Tech

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