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An EPK Will Elevate Your Brand Into the Faces of Important People in Your Industry, Here's How

For as long as entertainment has been around people have fought to figure out a way to separate their abilities from the competition around them. For example, when a label is looking for an artist they tend to look for distinct qualities in that artist, that can potentially elevate their label above the rest. On the opposite end of the spectrum every artist believes that they have those qualities to be the next big thing in the music industry. The problem arises in the middle ground where major players in the industry have a lack of knowledge about emerging talents, and those same talented artist have no idea how to get the exposure they need to be seen. This is where electronic press kits, aka EPKs, can help lessen the burden when a connection is trying to be made.

If you are up and coming in any industry, especially the music industry, an EPK is vital to your discovery. If you are reading this and you have no idea what an EPK is, that's okay i'll explain. An EPK in simpler terms the resume for your brand. This is a must have and allows journalist, talent scouts, promoters, and potential clients the ability to understand why they should know about you. Plenty of people wonder why media outlets and important people will not respond to their emails, or even give them the time of day. Besides the fact that you may not be talented enough, the next issue is that you have not given them a reason to open your SoundCloud link, or link to your portfolio of work that shows how great you are.

The essential pieces of your EPK should include the best and most impactful things you have done in your career to date. Personally I believe the most important part to this aside from your actual product, is your bio. Your bio will allow the potential clients, media outlets, and management teams the ability to connect with who you truly are. The bio you create should not be too long, but should have enough key information that will make the readers want to see the authenticity of your product. Along with your story, the EPK should have links to what you are trying to sell, recent media coverage, professional photos, endorsements,your one sheet if you are an artist, and any other coverage that shines a positive light on your brand.

With that being said, if you have not created one yet, I encourage you to do that as soon as possible. As someone who is up and coming you can always add more to your file. An electronic press kit could be the thing you are lacking when you are trying to get exposure, and could be the one thing that can help the major players in your industry take the next step to develop you into the next big thing.

For all information regarding the creation of your EPK email us at . #NextBigThing


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