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88 Rising

The expansion of sound allows for a parallel of trends that might ignite a wildfire if not contained. At the moment across the world we are seeing the rise of J-pop and K-pop. Groups such as BTS and Blackpink are currently looking to smooth out the way for more Asian artists on the rise, but we can not forget the initial group that took the stage and took America by storm.  The group 88 Rising has a double meaning with it hinting at double luck and honestly for them it really is just that. 88 Rising is a multicultural music group that has become a leading entertainment base on the west coast.  To further their reach in the music industry several artists under this music group have partnered with other aspiring and well known artists. For example Rich Brian had released his Covid-19 single “Love in my Pockets” with Guapdad 3000. His message was almost heartfelt as we were in the very early stages of covid-19.

Click the link below to stream 88 Rising

By Omari Green


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